Bobfest teachings!

Welcome to the Bobfest teachings site! Here you can enjoy great teachings from the legendary Christian Metal Festival Bobfest. The festival took place in Sweden between 1999-2005. First two years we were in Stockholm and then we moved the festival to Linköping. We named the festival Bobfest since our main speaker was Metal Pastor Bob Beeman from Sanctuary International

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The teachings were originally recorded on cassettes so the quality is thereafter, but I have removed long breaks, noise etc to try to make them sound as good as possible. All sound files are in MP3 format. To listen just click on the links.

So enjoy the teachings! I pray that they will be a blessing to you.

Johannes Jonsson
One of the organizers of Bobfest

UPDATE  2022-05-28

Updated the contact email to

UPDATE  2015-09-26

Improved the sound files by raising the sound level 400-650%! So now it is much easier for you hear the clips.

Bobfest 2005

Bobfest 2004

Bobfest 2003

Bobfest 2002

     Bobfest 2001

          Bobfest 2000

    BOBFEST  2000

    Pastor Bob "Religion is our biggest enemy" part 1

    Pastor Bob "Religion is our biggest enemy" part 2

    Pastor Bob "Religion is our biggest enemy" part 3

Bobfest 1999